The Secrets of Body Movement Tracking Revealed by Sency’s CTO

June 2, 2024

Despite its mystical allure, AI isn’t sorcery; it’s the product of meticulous technology. Behind every AI-powered software, program, or website lies a foundation of algorithms crafted by human expertise. This principle applies equally to ChatGPT and Sency's AI motion tracking. While we won't delve into the former, we can certainly provide a detailed explanation of the latter.

What’s the enchanting secret that enables any device to detect and comprehend every body movement solely from a mobile camera? What are the capabilities and limitations of this technology?

We sat down with our CTO to answer these questions and more. Continue reading as Sency's CTO, Ofer Goldstein, unveils everything you've ever wanted to know about AI movement tracking, igniting a transformative journey into the future of fitness technology.

Let’s start with the basics. Can you explain what body movement tracking is and how it works?

Human body movement tracking involves analyzing and interpreting movements captured in a video or live camera feed of a person engaged in an activity. The essential step in this process is to accurately identify and pinpoint each body part of the individual, forming a detailed "pose" structure and monitoring it over time. The more sophisticated part is understanding what activity is represented and deducing insights from it. To me, this comprehensive process encapsulates what movement tracking is all about.

What are the most significant challenges in developing accurate motion tracking systems?

Developing this system presents numerous challenges. Some key issues include harsh environmental conditions that can degrade the quality of camera footage, affecting the extraction of visual features. Variations in posture or perspective can lead to self-occlusions, making it difficult to track body parts accurately. Additionally, complex conditions might cause the system to falsely or inaccurately detect the positions of obscured body parts. Furthermore, each type of activity has many variations, all of which need to be properly analyzed under the appropriate circumstances.

How does AI enhance the capabilities of body movement tracking?

AI is a revolutionary game-changer. Whether it's motion tracking with or without AI, it's like perceiving a scene with or without common sense. The role of AI is to analyze the captured scene and generate predictions that are either "human-like" or very close to it. We rely on our AI models to achieve unparalleled accuracy.

What are some common applications of body movement tracking in fitness and healthcare?

There are limitless possibilities for applications that utilise movement tracking. Adopting an evidence-based approach serves as a powerful catalyst. For instance, fitness trainers can now monitor their clients' performance remotely and at any time. Similarly, care providers can expand their screening capabilities and efficiently allocate appropriate treatment protocols, thereby saving time, reducing costs, and avoiding unnecessary procedures.

What makes Sency's motion tracking technology stand out from other solutions in the market?

We consider a few key factors when building and releasing our solution to the market. To stand out, you must identify what has the most impact on the users’ experience. These are exactly the aspects we focus on and strive to excel in. With Sency’s solution, you can obtain a level of feedback that is unmatched by other solutions. This is based on a real understanding of the movements being performed.

Can you share any recent advancements or innovations in Sency’s motion tracking technology?

We have plenty of exciting new developments in the works. As GenAI has already shown a significant impact on many markets, we are now harnessing its incredible capabilities in our solution. Exciting times are ahead of us.

How do you ensure the privacy and security of users' data when using our motion tracking features?

We have considered user privacy a must-have component of our solution since day one. This approach led us to develop our entire solution with privacy built in by design. All of our models run on edge devices, eliminating the need to send any sensitive private data to the cloud. Our users’ privacy is well protected.

What role does user feedback play in improving our motion tracking algorithms?

In the “real world,” optimizing metrics from a technological perspective is not enough. Often, you may encounter a problem that was overlooked when relying solely on performance reported by a specific selected metric. You might find that the chosen metric does not fully represent the real-world problem. Therefore, we continuously adjust our metrics by incorporating ongoing feedback from testers and real users.

How does Sency’s motion tracking technology benefit users in terms of personalized fitness and health recommendations?

It’s like revealing colors for the first time to someone who has seen the world in grayscale (black and white) until now. The data and insights provided by Sency are now tools that anyone can use to help their users meet their goals with their own personalized path.

What advice would you give to companies looking to integrate motion tracking into their products or services?

To me, it’s a “no-brainer.” Since the integration is designed to be as effortless as possible, the amount of code needed on the client side is minimal, allowing anyone to simply type a couple of lines and have Sency’s SDK working in their project. Try it—you won't regret it.

What do you see as the future of body movement tracking technology, and how is Sency preparing to lead in this space?

We understand that integrating an AI-based solution into an existing product, or even just an idea (a non-existent product), is challenging. It’s time-consuming, costly, requires development expertise, and presents many other obstacles. In the future, we envision a world where anyone, from any domain, can have direct access to a personalized movement model for their product. Even without development resources, you’ll be able to simply interact with Sency’s solution, specify your needs, and receive a customized working model.

As you can see, the future of AI motion tracking is incredibly promising, and Sency is at the forefront of this revolution. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge, reliable, and user-friendly technology to our users, making advanced AI accessible to everyone in the fitness industry. Join us as we transform the way people achieve their fitness goals with the power of AI.

Ofer Goldstein
Co-founder & CTO

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