Reinventing Motion Tracking:

When AI Meets the Way We Move

What is AI Motion Tracking?

Motion tracking is the technology through which we perceive, embrace, and optimize movements in real time, harnessing the power of cameras to go beyond boundaries.
By seamlessly converting any movements into a comprehensive dataset, Sency reveals the limitless potential of the human body, driving innovation, efficiency, and safety across industries.
Our Business Solution

A Unique Computer Vision Technology

3D Motion tracking technology
Motion Tracking
Using mobile cameras as 'sensors,' we seamlessly translate the captured movement into precise human tracking data in real time.
In House Algorithm
We excel in model performance by creating and training our own algorithm, using a custom dataset designed for our specific needs, thereby achieving unparalleled accuracy.
Edge Computing
Our technology offers on-device model inference, ensuring a real-time experience at up to 60 fps, all while maximizing user privacy.

M-OS: The First Fundamental Model for Human Movement

Sency has pioneered the Motion Operation System (M-OS), an ever-evolving ecosystem that continuously analyzes millions of movements, resulting in the world's most extensive dataset of human motion.
Generalize human model for broader application
Human Skeleton stored and analyzed
Improve accuracy and insights
Our moat deepens with every interaction

Through the visionary fusion of AI and the art of movement, Sency sparks a revolution, propelling human potential into uncharted horizons

Movement AI: An Innovation Within Your Reach

Elevate your business with Sency technology
In a few days only empower your platform with real-time insights, personalized experiences, and data-driven success.

Our Motion SDK
Fitness app with AI Motion tracking

Curious to see how our AI Motion Tracking solution can boost your business?


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