Build or Buy? 6 Reasons to Choose Premade Motion Tracking for Your App

May 23, 2024

In the dynamic world of fitness technology, staying ahead means not just embracing innovation, but leading it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a cornerstone of advanced fitness platforms, offering unparalleled personalization and engagement. However, while integrating AI is crucial, developing these capabilities in-house presents significant challenges. From the high costs of specialized talent to the extended timelines for research and deployment, the barriers are substantial. This is where the decision becomes critical for leaders like you: Should your platform attempt to develop its own AI motion tracking technology, or is partnering with a specialist the more strategic approach? Let’s explore the advantages and practicalities of these options.

1. Think Smart with Your Budget 

Let's talk numbers. Developing technology in-house is like starting from scratch—it's exciting but expensive. Think R&D, continuous updates, and hiring experts. It adds up quickly. Sency solution offers a different path: a cost-effective SDK that integrates smoothly with what you already have. This way, your budget works harder and smarter, not just harder.

2. Get to Market Faster 

In the fitness industry, speed matters. Crafting your own solution can be a slow and winding road. With Sency you bypass these delays. Our ready-to-go SDK means you can launch new features the very next day—yes, literally—not next year, keeping your platform fresh and competitive.

3. Access Top-tier Tech 

At, we are not just participants in the AI motion tracking field; we are pioneers. Our in-house algorithm is the backbone of our SDK, capable of processing a tremendous range of movements with remarkable accuracy. This isn't just about tracking; it’s about understanding each movement in depth, which allows us to offer personalized, adaptive workouts that truly resonate with users. Moreover, our technology processes data on the edge—right on the user's device. This not only speeds up response times compared to cloud-based processing but also enhances user privacy by keeping sensitive data local.

Sency AI Fitness Assessment

4. Scale Effortlessly 

Growing your platform should be exhilarating, not exhausting. Building tech in-house can stretch your resources thin as you scale. Sency’s solution is built to grow with you, seamlessly handling more users and adapting to new trends, all while ensuring a smooth user experience.

5. Implement with Ease 

Who doesn’t want technology that works right out of the box? Our SDK can be up and running in just one day. That means minimal disruption for maximum impact. It’s about making technology work for you quickly and efficiently, so you can start enhancing your users' experience almost instantly.

6. Focus on What You Do Best 

Choosing Sency lets your team zero in on what makes your platform unique—building stellar user experiences and broadening your offerings. While we handle the tech, you can innovate, expand, and refine, ensuring every element of your platform is precisely what your users need.


Choosing between developing in-house and partnering with Sency isn’t just about cost—it’s about setting your platform up for long-term success. By collaborating with us, you leverage cutting-edge technology right away, empowering your platform to deliver unmatched, personalized fitness experiences that not only retain users but actively engage them.

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Ella Binder

Head of Marketing

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