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Sency Health

Perform every day activity with ease thanks to our computer vision technology

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How does it work?

Sitting all day in front of a computer and feeling that lower back pain? Sency Health is here to help you to move with ease. Thanks to computer-vision technology, we create daily exercises tailored to your body. Smart movement unconditionally leads to a healthier life, emotionally and physically. 

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Take the 360 body assessment
Get a personalized program
Do simple exercises in front of your phone camera. 
Our algorithm analyses your movements and provides you with a tailor-made program
Find out easy daily exercises
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Commit every day to your 3 min personalized exercise and see a significant improvement in your overall health. 

"For the first time in my life, exercising is not a chore."


"What a fun experience! I can't believe it also released my back pain."

"I love this app! I feel so much better since I'm using it. Can't recommend it more."



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Start improving your life

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